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Capsula filter

Filter media: PP membrane,

Rating: 10.0μm,

Inlet&Outlet: 13.6mm hose barb

1pc/pack, 50pcs/CTN

Carton dimension: 0.62x0.34x0.47m

Gross weight: 15kgs

Net weight: 14.2kgs

CHP Hose Barb Capsule Filter for Small Volume & High Value-added Pharmacy

CHP Hose Barb capsule filters are designed to provide smart, disposable and safe filtration for small volume liquid and high value-added liquid of lyophilized powder and other pharmacy problems and extra validation costs. 100% integrity testable prior to release ensures high quality products.


Filter Media: PES/Nylon/PTFE/PP/MCE/PVDF/GF

Support & Housing: PP

Sealing Technology: Thermal Bonding. No Adhesives

Features and Benefits

Eco-friendly and cost-effective

Smart, disposable and safe

Low hold-up volume

Good resistance to pressure


Cartridges produced in a controlled environment

Manufactured according to ISO9001 certified Quality Management System

#400101 Capsula filter: Products
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